Welcome to EDT Media's web site, designed to make it easy for you to access valuable information about DVD and CD replication.

In our CD/DVD section you will find all the packaging options that we offer, along with an animated feature showing how the packaging folds. The template for each option is available at the click of a button. Our templates include important instructions making it easier than ever to complete your project!

On our Graphic Design page you will find tips for designing your packaging and getting it print ready. This section features a Project Spotlight, highlighting a project a month with packaging details, special notes of interest and a link to the artist's site. Use this section to help decide which packaging option is best for you, and get up to date with your favorite artist!

Services offers both Audio Mastering and DVD Authoring links. Both pages provide key pre-production essentials for your project.

In Pricing, you can explore options with our Calculator. This of course is not a final price. Use this tool and then give us a call or email to confirm that you've found the best option we'll give you our best price!

Tools provides instructions on Placing An Order along with the Required Forms.

Links and FAQs can be found in the Info section.

We look forward to any input you may have on our site or info you'd like to share with others. Thanks for choosing EDT Media and we look forward to helping with your project!

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